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Smaller Tires on EX86110?

RGT Pioneer EX86190: Is it possible to mount smaller rims and tires on the Pioneer? I'm thinking of maybe a similar dimension to the ones on the BRX01.RGT Pioneer & Smaller Tires A. The EX86110 can fit smaller tires - it's a fairly standard hex and 5mm axle...

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I Was Wrong! (Sorry, RGT!)

Transmission, diff and portal gears in the RGT Rescuer (EX86190) all look to be of a high quality. We thought “powdered” was bad – it’s not!

Does the TRX4 Sport Fit the DC1 Body?

Does the DC1 Discoverer body will fit on the TRX4 Sport? Let’s try it and find out!

Which Should I Buy – SCX10 II or III?

How does the SCX10 III Base Camp compare to a stock or mostly stock SCX10 II? There are some really good deals on SCX10 II. Worth it?

How to Set Steering End-Points?

How do I program the steering limits with the RTR (Ready To Run) radio transmitter that comes with the RGT Rescuer EX86190?A. What you’re after is the Steering EPA (End Point Adjustment). That’s the limiter that prevents the servo from trying to steer the wheels past...

Why Overdrive the Front?

Overdriving the front helps the vehicle maintain direction on difficult climbs where traction is low. Here’s how it helps you…

Craig Veness

Craig Veness


Craig has been into radio control since the 90s and into RC crawling since about 2010, when a Losi MRC started the obsession! Now it's all rocks this and crawl that and upgrade all the things! ...You know how it is, right? Welcome home 🙂