Bezgar HP161S – A Confession

Dear Bezgar, I have a confession. You sent me the HP161S to review and now you’ve waited 3 MONTHS for me to make the video! Let me explain…

RadioLink RC8X: Your Next Upgrade?

The RadioLink RC8X might just be what you’re after in an RC system upgrade. Powerful and flexible & some fun features too. Let’s take a look!

Element RC Enduro SE Sendero Trail Truck

The Element Enduro SE Sendero is the trail platform you know, but with a curious twist of budget and capability that makes it quite unique.

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Losi Promoto-MX: the Ultimate RC Motocross Experience

The Losi Promoto-MX seems like one of those products that creates its own niche of vehicle upon release, being familiar, yet entirely new.

Redcat Gen9 Scale Trail Truck

The Redcat Gen9 is more than a Gen8 V2 with a new body. In both body and design, it’s a big step forward. But is it worth your hard-earned?

MJX RC Hyper Go: Pocket Rocket!

The MJX RC Hyper Go is a compact yet hefty RC car that packs a surprising amount of tech into a small package. Is it worth buying? Let’s test!

Cross RC EMO X: Epic 8th Scale!

The Cross RC EMO X is not your average off-road vehicle. This thing is huge! Oh, and lights, lockers, two-speed, all metal… like, wow?!

Rlaarlo AK-917: a Porsche 917K Love Letter

The Rlaarlo AK-917 captivated me with its homage to the iconic 1969 Porsche 917K and its exceptional racetrack performance. Here’s my story.

SCT – Should You Own One?

SCT is a class of RC car that has been shaping the hobby for nearly two decades. They’re fast, tough and fun. Should you own one?

LiPo Batteries: A Quick Primer

LiPo batteries are lightweight, pack a punch and are cheap to produce. Despite some downsides, LiPo is usually the best choice for RC models.

RC Crawling – What’s the Big Deal?

What’s RC crawling all about? Here’s a quick primer on this niche of the RC hobby, with some next steps to explore if it sounds good to you!

Traxxas X-Maxx 8S – a Durable Monster!

We take a closer look at the Traxxas X-Maxx, putting it through its paces with off-road and stunt driving!

The Best Battery for RC ?

What’s the best battery for RC? We’ll help you decide for yourself!