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This is RC-TNT

It all started simply enough. RC Crawling is awesome, right? Well, there’s a LOT to learn as you progress through the hobby and while the internet has most of the info you’ll need, finding it when you need it can be a real chore!

From this struggle, the idea for a cohesive video channel and article hub was born – this is RC Trail & Tech. Helping you get started, then get good!

Ultimately, we want to help you achieve crawling nirvana. It boils down to 5 stages and we’re here to help you from start to completion – and hopefully, beyond!

1. helping you choose the best rig for your needs
2. getting it set up to best suit your needs and budget
3. to be the best driver you can be
4. to foster social comps and drives for better mental health
5. to promote awareness and enjoyment of the rc crawling hobby

Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here 🙂

Craig Veness

Craig Veness


Craig has been into radio control since the 90s and into RC crawling since about 2010, when a Losi MRC started the obsession! Now it’s all rocks this and crawl that and upgrade all the things! …You know how it is, right? Welcome home 🙂

RC-TNT Product Review Terms

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As the sender,  you must cover all costs relating to delivery, customs fees, additional costs, including return delivery costs should you require a product returned.

YouTube and the blog space are somewhat dynamic in nature. Whilst our current turnaround time for reviews is 2 to 4 weeks, this timeframe can vary and lead times cannot be guaranteed. We will always undertake best effort in good faith, of course.

If you have futher questions, please contact us via email to discuss, prior to shipping your product for review. Delivery of product will be taken as acceptance of the above terms. Thank you!