May 31, 2023 – video comment from Oliver Walther

Could you give some information how to install the RCRun RUN80 steering wheel servo? I’ve got my kit and for the steering module there are only two alloy pullies and the micro servo. No frame for the servo or other stuff. I hope you could help. Ty from the other end of the rc world (germany) 😉


A. The RCRUN Run80 Landcruiser 80-Series body interior (available here) includes a steering assembly that steers with the steering servo input. (You can see a gif of this below). There’s a micro servo that is used to achieve this and it operates via a 1:1 pulley system inside the dash. The micro servo sits inside the plastic mold shape, but there’s no obvious retention mechanism for it.

You need to affix the servo to the bottom corner of the dash mold, and then align the two pulley wheels so the servo can turn the steering column. The whole mechanism is kinda weak and there is slop in the system, but it does work. It doesn’t have to work very hard, thankfully. (And if I was going through all this again, I probably would not worry about having the moving steering wheel – it just adds complexity and noise and you can barely see it when the car is driving – though it is definitely cool, which I totally do get).

Anyway, see below for a couple of photos I took of mine. I secured the servo with a bit of hot glue but you could use double-sided tape or some other glue and it should be fine. Hope that helps make it a bit clearer! We’ve got more general info about this amazing vehicle on our write-up, right here on the site.


Steering Wheel Servo
Steering Wheel Servo
Steering Wheel Servo
RCRun RUN80 Steering