June 11, 2022 – video comment from GabrielDuchi

How do I program the steering limits with the RTR (Ready To Run) radio transmitter that comes with the RGT Rescuer EX86190?

A. What you’re after is the Steering EPA (End Point Adjustment). That’s the limiter that prevents the servo from trying to steer the wheels past their physical limits.

On the top of the radio there’s a lid. Under the lid are three sets of controls:

  1. the top switches are for channel reversing – you can ignore these unless you are making changes to the servo, motor or ESC at some later time.
  2. the top dials are for setting Trim (point of center).
  3. the bottom dials are for setting EPA (End Point Adjustment).

It’s the bottom dials we’re interested in. Steering is on the left and Throttle is on the right. Here’s how to adjust end point for your steering:

  1. Turn the radio and the car on.
  2. Dial the Steering EPA dial (the bottom-left one) back to zero.
  3. Turn the wheels to their maximum limit to the left.
  4. Increase the steering EPA dial (the bottom-left one) upward until the wheels reach their physical limit. Back it off just a shade.
  5. Turn the wheels all the way to the right. Observe closely to see if the servo is straining or if there’s more reach available by dialing the steering EPA dial back and forth a little.

One of Left or Right will be more limited than the other. Your aim is to find the furthest the servo can move the wheels without straining. Check you’re happy that the servo isn’t straining beyond its limit either way by turning that steering EPA dial back a shade if it’s needed. Then you’re all set!

I found this a little difficult to explain but in practice it is a fairly intuitive process once you know which dial to adjust.

Happy driving!


EX86190 Radio Steering EPA