TRX4 Shocks on Vanquish Phoenix Portal VS4-10?

TRX4 Shocks on Vanquish Phoenix Portal VS4-10?

Oct 3, 2022 – video comment from John Barnicoat

I tried the TRX-4 shock substitution but found the adjustable shock/spring collar interferes with the Phoenix Portal’s shock mount area at the top. The collar is bigger in diameter than the stock shock, so it doesn’t fit all the way into the recess under the mount. How did you get these to fit?

A. Mine didn’t fit either. I had to dial the pre-load down a little so they’d fit. I wanted some pre-load anyway, so it wasn’t a problem. Some shock designs let you run without the collar at all, but these shocks don’t allow that. The difference between some and no pre-load is minimal at the front, but the rear is not quite the case.


I suppose you could cut away some of the shock mount around where the collar needs to go, but that wouldn’t be ideal for strength. You could put a softer spring in, or you could try a different shock of the same length. I don’t have a perfect answer in this case because we’re fitting two parts together that aren’t designed for that – but my testing on my rocks at least has shown this to be a good change. Tinker, test, then tinker some more – that’s all I can really suggest for this one! Hopefully you find a setting you like.


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