Window Webbing for Tamiya Hornet

What This Is

Custom designed window webbing to fit your Tamiya Hornet!

You’ll need to secure it inside the body and though it’ll work with clear windows, I’ve designed these to fit with the windows removed entirely.

Use double-sided tape, hot glue or even a 3D print pen to draw these into place.

What’s It Cost?

Nothing! I’m giving this away. Print it yourself, build it, enjoy it.

All I ask in return is that you consider signing up to my email list (bottom of page). I won’t spam you. It’s basically a way for me to let you know when I release something cool that you’ll probably be interested in. If you like my YT channel and/or the files on these pages, it’ll probably be right up your alley.

Don’t worry, it’ll only be sporadic and I’ll safeguard your email address. I’m very pro privacy and will not abuse your trust. Thank you!

What You Get

You get two files in this download:

  1. LHS webbing piece;
  2. RHS webbing piece.
Window Webbing Pieces for Tamiya Hornet

How To Use

Here’s how to print them:

Quantity: 1 of each piece.

Material: PETG or PLA+ (any brand) – we’ve had success with eSUN and SUNLU. There’s no standard for PLA+, but it gives strength and flexibility to PLA and has been good.

Resolution: I’ve been using 0.24, but any of 0.2, 0.24 or even 0.28 will work. Lower res is stronger, higher res is smoother. 0.24 is a good mid-point.

Infill: doesn’t really matter, but 15% should be fine.

Walls: 4 or 6, gives a little extra strength on those thinner parts.

Supports: none

Rafts: none

Orientation: on the flat side of both parts. They’re designed to just work.


I used a 3D printer pen to ‘draw’ mine into the cockpit. You could just use double-sided tape, ShoeGoo or hot glue. Whatever works.


Window Webbing installed in Tamiya Hornet

Terms of Use

These files are provided for your personal use and enjoyment only. Please don’t print and sell them, nor the stl files (if you see them for sale in the wild, do me a solid and let me know!)

Please also don’t upload these to any of the online 3D printable sites. I’ve chosen not to do that and would appreciate you respecting that choice, as I’ve freely shared the files with you to print here on

Thank you and please enjoy!