What This Is

The August 2023 version of these 3D-printable comp gate markers are stackable. They fit into a cup with a screw-top lid and a view window to see what’s in the cup.


RC-TNT Gate Markers

What You Get

You get three files in this download:

  1. the gate marker (print 20 in one color and 6 in another color);
  2. the cup (print 1);
  3. the lid (print 1).
RC-TNT Comp Gate Markers Gold

How To Use

Here’s how to print them:

Quantity: 1 each of cup and lid. 20 gate markers in one color – these 20 are your gates 1 through 10. Then, print another 6 gate markers in another – these 6 are your bonus gates.

Optionally, print another 1 to 13 gates in a third color IF you want to have a ‘C1’ label on them. You’d then be able to run easier lines for Scale-1 / Class 1 rigs, without needing an extra set of gates.

Material: PLA or PLA+ (any brand)

Resolution: 0.2, 0.24 or even 0.28 will work.

Infill: doesn’t really matter, but 15% should be fine.

Walls: default; 2 is fine.

Supports: none

Rafts: none

Orientation: print upside down, so the top of the marker is flat on the bed. Cup and lid can be printed from their bases upward.

Easy. Enjoy!

RCTNT Bonus Gates

Terms of Use

These files are provided for your personal use and enjoyment only. Please don’t print and sell them, nor the stl files (if you see them for sale in the wild, do me a solid and let me know!)

Please also don’t upload these to any of the online 3D printable sites. I’ve chosen not to do that and would appreciate you respecting that choice, as I’ve freely shared the files with you to print here on RC-TNT.com.

Thank you and please enjoy!