Smaller Tires on EX86110?

August 17, 2022 – video comment from Guly 15

RGT Pioneer EX86190: Is it possible to mount smaller rims and tires on the Pioneer? I’m thinking of maybe a similar dimension to the ones on the BRX01.

RGT Pioneer & Smaller Tires

A. The EX86110 can fit smaller tires – it’s a fairly standard hex and 5mm axle arrangement, typical of most 1/10 RC crawlers.

Be aware that not all wheels fit all trucks. Some have larger offsets that need wider axles, for example. Other wheels have thicker rims that can rub on steering knuckles or portal outer covers and/or weights.

For the EX86110 and smaller tires, your main concern will be rim thickness, as those axles are not particularly long. For the Team Raffee Steelie Beadlocks we photographed here for you, the wheel nut was only just able to bite onto the axle over the wheels, so thread lock would be advisable for these!

The first photo compares the smaller tires to the OEM EX86110 set. The second photo is them next to our red BRX01. The last two are with them mounted. Here’s what the wheels and tires are, and where to get them:

  • Team Raffee Co. 1.9 Steelie Beadlock Wheels (AsiaTees)
  • Team Raffee Co. 1.9 Crawler Tire 1.2″ Type B (AsiaTees)
Craig Veness

Craig Veness


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