Does the TRX4 Sport Fit the DC1 Body?

Does the TRX4 Sport Fit the DC1 Body?

June 4, 2022 – video comment from Dayle Guy

Do you think the DC1 Disco body will fit on the TRX4 Sport?

A. The wheelbase is an exact match. The DC1 body is slightly more narrow than the TRX4, so some consideration will be needed for the sliders and wheel dish depth. You’ll also want to change or at least bring in the bumpers, as they’re too long for the DC1 body in stock positions.

Here, we put the DC1 body on the TRX4 Sport. Body holes are in different locations, but with the DC1 body, you cut your own, so no problems there. It shouldn’t be too difficult to get this one to fit.

Happy modding! -Craig.