Total Rework for Redcat Ascent Fusion

Total Rework for Redcat Ascent Fusion

What This Is

This is my total rework for the Redcat Ascent Fusion.

When I tested the Redcat Ascent Fusion recently, it was capable, but also near its limit. I loved the premium finish and the aesthetic of the rig that Redcat has clearly set out to achieve (successfully, I might add).

However, the front end of the rig is very busy. Tuning is difficult. There’s bump steer under shock compression. The servo is limited by the janky angles in the CMS (Chassis Mounted Servo) setup. And there’s no rear tray or bed, which means in its stock config, the Ascent Fusion is not legal for WRCCA Performance Scale comps!

I wanted SOA (Servo On Axle) and I wanted a rear tray. To achieve that with this design, I needed to make FOUR changes:

  • SOA bracket and 4-link setup
  • Motor mount to accommodate this change without having to swap the motor for a stubby outrunner (this isn’t the Redcat Ascent Outrunner!)
  • Rear tray for WRCCA compliance
  • Cantilever shocks in order to fit the tray!
  • And I also threw in some extra value to address those wibbly-wobbly foams in the tires.

Finally, it’s all done! And it’s yours to download and print! Let’s go!

What’s It Cost?

Nothing! I’m giving this away. Print it yourself, build it, enjoy it.

All I ask in return is that you consider signing up to my email list (bottom of page). I won’t spam you. It’s basically a way for me to let you know when I release something cool that you’ll probably be interested in. If you like my YT channel and/or the files on these pages, it’ll probably be right up your alley.

Don’t worry, it’ll only be sporadic and I’ll safeguard your email address. I’m very pro privacy and will not abuse your trust. Thank you!

What You Get

You get twelve files in this download (as at v1.2):

  1. SOA v1.stl;
  2. Under-tray main spacer.stl;
  3. Spacers.stl;
  4. Tray.stl;
  5. Cam Inner.stl
  6. Cam Outer.stl
  7. 4-Link Motor Mount v1.stl
  8. Full Length Tray Bracket RHS 1.2.stl
  9. Full Length Tray Bracket LHS 1.2.stl
  10. 1.9 Verts for Ascent Fusion Fronts v2.stl
  11. 1.9 4.75 SoFines for Ascent Fusion Rears v3.stl
  12. READ ME.txt



1.1: added missing cam pieces.

1.2: modified Tray so rear-middle hole aligns with main center spacer.

How To Use

Start with the READ ME.txt file in the zip file. That tells you about these files, how to print them, and what hardware you also need for the conversion.

Pay particular attention to the print guide for the servo mount (SOA v1.stl) as the orientation of this part on your print bed will affect its strength.

Alternatively, you can buy this part in stainless steel from Shapeways (here – you’ll need to tap your own threads, be warned) and print everything else. (Update: there’s a better product already on the market, thanks to youtube commenter @Offroadflicks. Check out the Boco mount, it’s quite a bit cheaper at USD$34 (at that price, it’s the best option, I think!)

Also suggest you check out the video at the top of this page for some context. You’ll be able to see the rig moving, and to get an idea of what you’re aiming to build.

It should all ‘just work’ but let me know if you hit a snag. Happy tinkering!

Reworked Ascent Fusion Rear-Left

Terms of Use

These files are provided for your personal use and enjoyment only. Please don’t print and sell them, nor the stl files (if you see them for sale in the wild, do me a solid and let me know!)

Please also don’t upload these to any of the online 3D printable sites. I’ve chosen not to do that and would appreciate you respecting that choice, as I’ve freely shared the files with you to print here on

Thank you and please enjoy!